Mural Descriptions

Mural #1: Transcendence: captures the way in which the arts – like the human spirit – extends beyond all boundaries and exceeds the limits of ordinary experience unifying all things “day and night, darkness and light” into one. Which is represented by the individual in the mural. The mural is located on the South Wall of the Ritz Theater on the corner of Broadway and Liberty Street in the City of Newburgh.

Mural #2: Roots: fuses the past and the present through the silhouette of a young man who is looking forward towards the future while the past, his roots, are reflected within him. The mural is located on Chambers Street between Broadway and 1st Street in the City of Newburgh

Mural #3: Transformation: encompasses the connection between the material and the individual, portraying how one transforms and builds the other in a continuous circle of transformation and influencing. The mural is located on South Street between 9W and Dubois on the underpass at Downing Park in the City of Newburgh.

Mural #4: Legacy: Rising from the base of the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial and extending her arms towards Washington’s Headquarters, “The Legacy” pays tribute to all those who strive for freedom. The mural captures the spirit of a young girl soaring high above Newburgh-straddling the past and the future, dusk and dawn. The ribbons of her dress transform into elements of the city, capturing the power of the human spirit that shapes our communities. With her eyes focused on the rising sun, she extends her arms towards a future landscape that is yet to be created, buttressed by the confidence and beautify of a life that is fully lived in color.


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